Jeep Renegade AutoFlash by MADNESS
Jeep Renegade AutoFlash by MADNESS

Jeep Renegade AutoFlash by MADNESS

Increase performance with faster gear shifts on your Jeep Renegade with the AutoFlash by MADNESS!
Retail Price:$599.99
Increase performance with faster gear shifts on your Jeep Renegade with the AutoFlash by MADNESS!

Designed to work with either the 1.4L Turbo or the 2.4L Motor. The flasher has both maps loaded (1.4 & 2.4) and once plugged in the correct map will automatically download to the vehicle.

The MADNESS AutoFlash relies on updating the maps of the TCU to allow the gearbox to improve shift times and bypass the torque limiter.

The AutoFlash is a great stand alone solution to improve your vehicle's performance, but also works well in addition to the MAXPower ECM and the MADNESS GOPedal.

Often times vehicle manufactures will limit the full potential of a vehicle to compensate for all levels of drivers and maintenance, or because the manufacturer knows that in 18 months they will be releasing a more powerful version of that vehicle and can adjust the limiters to allow for this power increase.

So, the idea of the AutoFlash is to not only increase shift speed but to increase torque limitations throughout the gearing (except for 1st and reverse gears as we leave these at factory spec for safety) which in turn changes the speed of a shift.

The AutoFlash has been thoroughly tested both on the road and the track and are sure you will agree that the shift and positive feel of the engine after the flash makes for a superb upgrade.

Due to the fact that the AutoFlash is adjusting the shift points of the gearbox, the difference is more noticeable on automatic transmission Jeep Renegade Models, but it will still make a nice difference on manual transmission models as well.

  • Plugs directly into the OBDII port
  • Installs the software in 30-90 seconds
  • Uploads new maps to the engine ECU and gearbox TCU
  • Will work on both the 1.4 and the 2.4 engine (both maps inside)
  • Will not trigger the ECU Flash counter and is not dealer traceable
  • Completely reversible
  • Increase shifts by up to 24%
  • Bypass throttle limitations
  • Tested on road and track

About the MADNESS AutoFlash:

AutoFlash can be used with any tuning box and other engine hardware modifications without issues.

The AutoFlash maps install within 30-90 seconds and it will not change the ECU flash counter or file size which could alert the manufacturer, this flash is undetectable.

If you ever take your Jeep to a dealer for service or software update and they overwrite the AutoFlash, simply re-install it just as you did during the first installation. You can do this as many times as needed to your vehicle. Keep in mind that the AutoFlash will lock on to your cars VIN Number on first use and cannot work on any other vehicle after you sync it with your Jeep.

Please note! Once this unit is linked with your vehicle it is married to the car by the VIN Number. While you can use it over and over again on your vehicle if needed after a dealer visit, but you cannot use it on another vehicle. Trying to sync it with another vehicle once you paired it with your vehicle can do damage to the item and the ECU in the car. Due to the way the unit is designed to work it cannot be used on another vehicle once it is paired with yours.

Due to this we cannot accept returns for this item in any way. We have no way to tell if the unit was paired or not with a vehicle and if it is returned we cannot use it again. Because of this all sales are final on this unit once you purchase it. There are no returns or exchanges of any kind and all sales are final. Please be sure to ask any questions prior to ordering. Once shipped there are no refunds or exchanges.

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