Jeep Renegade Lifting Springs by Eibach - Pro-Lift-Kit - Non-4x4 Models

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Increase the off-road capability and improve the looks of your Jeep Renegade with the Pro-Lift-Kit Lifting Springs from Eibach.
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Increase the off-road performance and improve the looks of your Jeep Renegade with the Pro-Lift-Kit Lifting Springs from Eibach.

The Pro-Lift-Kit from Eibach lifts the Renegade on average up to 25 mm*, and engineered to maintain top-performance handling and excellent ride quality. The added ground clearance will allow for exploring your favorite dirt roads with confidence.

The innovative lifting springs are intended for Jeep drivers who appreciate a high seating position as well as the purposeful off-road look. The 25 mm higher ground clearance increases the off-road capability, while also delivering ultimate on-road performance, stability and handling. The kit will also give you additional wheel well clearance for larger off-road wheels and tires.The Springs are designed to work with either the original OEM shock absorbers or upgraded high performance off-road shocks.

This Kit is designed to fit all Jeep Renegade non-4x4 models. It will work with both 1.4L or 2.4L non-4x4 models.

  • Increase of ride height up to 25 mm Front and Rear*
  • A Spring-system between Street and Off-road
  • More ground clearance allows for moderate off-roading
  • Cross-country handling with excellent ride quality
  • Top-performance handling
  • Imported from Europe
Available by special order.

* Please note! 

The quoted 20-25mm lift estimate is provided by Eibach. A number of factors can cause the actual lift amount to vary on each vehicle. If the Renegade is a Trailhalk or a similar model that has upgraded factory springs the lift with these springs will be minimal. While the handling of the Jeep will benefit from upgraded springs your actual lift may not be the same as quoted by Eibach. Wear and tear on your vehicle can also contribute to the amount of lift you will receive with these springs. If you have any questions at all prior to ordering please give us a call first.

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